Bonfire Attire

I’ve always loved Bonfire Night – there’s definitely something about fire, fireworks and sparklers (pyromaniac anyone?) that marks the ultimate descent into Winter and an excuse to wear giant fluffy coats and OTT bobble hats. As we know, standing round a bonfire is a serious business, as is attending a fireworks display or even just handling a sparkler – one must dress appropriately.

Bonfire Night is always done properly at my parents house. They spend all year gradually building an enormous bonfire, and every year they vow it’ll be the last one because (well, that’s the last of the stuff to burn!) But, each year, plenty always accumulates to burn by November 5th – so much so that the fire tends to get bigger every year. I can’t complain though as I love a good fire and my inner pyromanic loves to watch a giant mound of leaves, general junk and the odd door cabinet catch fire!

This year I took my fire-watching responsibilities very seriously, wrapping up for the occasion in an old (but faithful) River Island jacket, an OTT bobble hat and wellies. Must look the part when in the country. The fire roared, the junk got burnt and we were even treated to a firework display courtesy of one of the neighbours. Thanks! Part of me also wonders if half the reason my Dad works so hard on building the bonfire each year is for the hotdogs and general bonfire themed food that my Mum lays on afterwards!

I’ve popped some similar items to this years’ ‘Bonfire Attire’ look below and now that the hat is out, it’ll probably stay on all Winter!

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