Finding The Perfect Man Gift This Christmas – Gift Ideas

I thought I’d write this post nice and early (well, early in my book) because the ‘finding of the Christmas man presents’ is the task that takes me the most time. And causes me the most stress. And confuses me the most. I mean really though, what do they want?? Why is man shopping so hard? 

Luckily, I have a new solution for drumming up some inspiration to help find you the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend or for your man-friends or male family members.

I only have a small number of men-folk in my life to buy Christmas gifts for, four to be precise (and that is plenty – Nick, my brother, dad and granddad). Each year I obviously remain as flummoxed as the year before about what to get them that’s both thoughtful and useful. I feel like a pressing theme is ‘something useful’.

There are obvious, ‘useful’ things, like I suppose socks, underwear (don’t particularly want to go there with brother, dad or granddad)…food…man objects like tools or gardening equipment? I personally see all clothes and fashion items as useful but, they may beg to differ.

Anyway, I think you can see I’m not great at this.

But THIS year, I have really started to draw a lot more inspiration from online Christmas gift guides to inject some much needed creativity into my man shopping. I’ve been really drawn to the online man gift guides that brands are now putting together themselves – I assume to give the rest of us some much needed inspiration when it comes to the men-folk!

Jack Wills have done some awesome gift guides this year, suitable for both male & female and based on general areas of life interest – for example, ‘partying hard’ (some awesome party clothes), ‘the gym then brunch’ (suitable gym and brunching attire) and ‘a boxset and a lie down’ (AKA chill gear). I had a great time browsing through them because these scenarios are so life-appropriate and can help focus your mind into areas that you can focus on for a really great gift.

Other brands with some cool and inspiring gift guides are Debenhams, Aspinal of London and ASOS. M&S do great gift guides ‘for him’ and they’ve even chucked in some ‘secret santa’ guides and a section of ideas for ‘big kids’. Lol. Oliver Bonas also do a great ‘for him’ section with lots of cool and quirky things like picture frames and more ‘object’ based presents for your mans man-cave or house.

I really have found these useful so far this year because they can make you think of gifts you may not have considered and, if like me you struggle, give you a much needed dose of inspiration!

And OF COURSE I had to compile a small guide of my own with some man-items that have caught my eye, including bed linen and even an umbrella! Maybe I’m learning…

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