Live Your Best Faux Fur Life: Fun Coat Picks

I’m obsessed with faux fur coats this year! The cold weather turns my brain to the size of a pea and I find I become incapable of doing most things, including putting a nice outfit together. That’s where a ‘loud’ or a ‘bold’ faux fur coat (or even just a faux fur coat) can be the perfect answer – you can put it on over pretty much anything and take your outfit from drab to fab. The bolder the better! There’s also something glamorous about faux fur I find, hence my total obsession with it this year.

I absolutely love this leopard print number from ASOS – available in Petite Regular, Tall, and Curve – yay! And I’ve realised that this year there are an incredible amount of fun coats out there. I think leopard print may be my limit, I’m not sure I could pull of electric pink, but for those more daring than I, I’ve popped some of my favourite ‘fun’ faux fur coats below! What do you think?

Fun Faux Fur

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