Short Girl Problems: My Secret To Finding A Coat That Fits

As a coat-lover to the point of possibly unhealthy obsession, I spend way longer than I should getting distracted by pretty coats. But is there anything more annoying than finding your COAT OF DREAMS…and then realising it won’t fit. No amount of sleeve-rolling, pinning or tugging will make it work. Being a petite lady at just 5 foot, this is a regular problem, especially the sleeves (why oh why are the sleeves always so long…) Petite coats are a god-send, but sometimes you want to branch out further and wear coats from OUT of the petite sections. So…here’s my trick.

You just have to be a bit creative and look for the coats with either 3/4 sleeves or cropped sleeves. Like THIS amazing Zara number, the sleeves are so much shorter so…obviously…it’s going to fit me with NO sleeve rolling or tailoring necessary. And lets face it if you’re spending decent money on a coat, you shouldn’t really have to go to the ends of the earth altering it. On a taller lady, the sleeves would of course be cropped, but on me, the sleeves reach my hands perfectly. Winning, and no sleeve rolling here, yippee.

Going for coats with the cropped sleeve or 3/4 sleeve has always been my way of getting round the sleeving issue when I get fed up of constantly rolling my sleeves. Whilst technically you’re meant to be rocking the cropped sleeve if you’re wearing these coats…whose really going to know…and it’s something I’ve done for years. Admittedly, you do have to do a lot more in-depth searching for these coats and of course it’s not going to solve the issue of fitting into every coat of your dreams, but it does open up some options if you’re wanting to get away from solely petite focused clothing. 

Here are some of my favourite examples below!


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