Faux Fur Coats For The Evening

I’ve always thought that there’s something about faux fur which exudes effortless glamour. And as we are now officially in December (yay!), there has NEVER been a better time to invest in an evening faux fur coat. Whether it’s an office Christmas party, a winter wedding or a festive night out – I find that a faux fur coat is just the thing to set your outfit off perfectly, no matter what you’re wearing.

This year has been the year where I’ve really gone a bit overboard on faux fur. My day-to-day coat is now a black faux fur number from Boohoo, which has been a life saver, livening up my boring jeans and Uggs outfit and giving me a bit of a spring in my step for the week days. And then, if you ever visit my instagram, you’ll see various other faux fur coats which have wormed their way into my wardrobe…not my fault, I promise!

Most of the faux fur coats around can easily work from day to night and back again, but some are just too pretty to wear when your grubbing about day-to-day. This polar bear-esque faux fur jacket from Topshop is a classic example. I don’t really want to wear it whilst I’m running errands…it’s way too nice and its FAR TOO PALE to wear on anything other than special occasions. I don’t want to get anything on it, I really don’t!

So below I’ve popped some of my favourite evening faux fur choices, for those events that you need just something a bit special for.

Evening Faux Fur Picks

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  1. December 6, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Love the bright pink one but I don't think I'll be able to pull it off!

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