2018 – No Resolutions Here

Bonjour 2018, au revoir 2017, it’s a miracle, you see, overnight I have become a new person, filled with eternal optimism for a new year where I’ll hit the gym everyday, lose a stone, be more positive, smash my career, save for my dream home and conquer the world!!

Reality is a bit more like January spent slogging through the days, trying to make it through the grey gloom alive, failing at the diet, not getting to the gym once, and with any free time spent curled up on the sofa, in reindeer slippers, finishing off the Xmas chocolates and wishing it was still December.

*Although seriously I really am going to try to be  be more positive this year!!

But I’m sorry New Year, do I sound ever so slightly cynical? Hmm, anyway, it’s January the 8th now and everyone is bored of their resolutions already and back to being grumpy, moany and judgy. Why can’t people be less grumpy? Maybe they should make that a resolution instead of trying to complete a Master Cleanse… 

Sorry not sorry though,  this year I’ve found the new year proclamations kind of annoying. And old and over-done and a liittle bit repetitive. The New Year isn’t our only window of change. We can make positive changes (or not) at any time during the year, all year round! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great to take stock at the end of a year, and have a period of quiet reflection…..but if you (unfortunately) hang out in the social media realm often, you can end up spending said quiet-period-of-reflection looking at everyone else’s achievements instead of your own….

You may have achieved some great things in 2017! But how can that possibly compare to jet-setting June’s endless trips round the world, Sally from school making Director at her company, or someone you’ve never actually met (but have on your Facebook) buying her second home in London when she’s under thirty! Are pigs actually flying right now?

This year especially I’ve seen how utterly tasteless people can be with their end of year bragging. Because you know what, you yourself, or people you know, might have actually had a really hard year in 2017. There may have been real loss, sadness and heartbreak. And so somehow the ‘best nines’ of those people who judge their year by how many handbags they bought (or got bought) or how many luxury holidays they went on make me feel a little bit hollow. 

What about the important stuff that you can’t jam into an instagram grid? Health, inner peace, a moral compass, values, the good done behind the scenes that you can’t prove with a picture? Argh social media, you have so much to answer for!!

And really it’s all nonsense anyway because we should be focusing on ourselves! I picked up a copy of Sarah Knight’s ‘Just Do You’ book yesterday (I’ll report in on this later) – but just a few chapters in, it’s message is so true! You absolutely have to at least TRY to be yourself (in a world that’s trying it’s best to make you like everyone else.) 

Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love (I think this is an Emma Watson quote?)

So, in my first post of 2018 I’m absolutely not going to write a long list of new year’s resolutions, embellish my highlights of 2017, ramble on about a ‘new me’, set a load of unrealistic goals or outline the same five dreams that pretty much everyone else has at the start of a new year (travel more, quit social media, save more, see more, and give up alcohol/smoking/chocolate *insert bad habit here*). 

You can do any of the above at any time and it doesn’t all have to be achieved in January. You might not even want to do any of the above – ever! And that’s ok too.

I have a big blog post on my social media thoughts coming soon and FYI if it’s making you stressed, log the hell out! Or if you need it for work or business, try and find some balance. And don’t always buy into the highlight reel of people ‘smashing’ their NY resolutions …just do what’s right for you. Try and buy into any genuine positivity where you can, because sometimes people genuinely do have wonderful news to share, but there are also people out there having a dreadful time – so balance is HUGELY important. 

And in all honestly, I think however glamorous it looks for some, we’re all just trying to get through January, waiting for lighter evenings, warmth and spring!!

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