5 Reasons To Buy A Printed Jacket

I have to say, I’ve been pretty taken with the ‘printed jacket’ for quite a while now.  It’s a bit of a new thing for me as a bit of a ‘one colour only’ type girl, but the more I see of them, the more I love them.I think, especially the aztec print, is so unusual and there’s something nice about wearing something totally different to what you might normally wear. I’m slowly adding a variety of little printed jackets into my wardrobe (yes, ever hopeful for Spring to arrive now and not in a few months time). 

1. If you want to feel like you’re off to a festival (even when you’re not) then an embroidered or an aztec jacket will defo give you that care-free, bohemian feeling. Coachella, anyone? 

2. An embroidered or printed jacket speaks for itself and will literally do all the work for you with an outfit, so if you’re feeling un-inspired, just chuck on one of these jackets and you have an instant splash of colour and statement piece to swish around in.

3. It’s something a bit different. I know embroidery and statement patterns have been a trend for some time now, but every time I see anyone in a printed jacket, I always end up staring for longer than I should. There’s something really quirky and unusual about them (especially if you get one with tassels, ooo!)

4. If you get bored (on the tube, waiting for an appointment….) you can study the endless patterns and stitching for as long as you please. It’s pretty amazing, after all!

5. It’s a talking point for sure (depending on where you wear it, of course). But if you’re heading into a potentially awkward situation, at least the jacket may draw the start of a conversation…This particular jacket is from Shein* and they have some seriously fun jackets available on their site. I’ve also popped some of my favourite other printed jackets below for you to take a peak at.

I’ve popped a few of my faves below…


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