Lessons From A Small Handbag

1. Liberation and joy at the general smallness and lightness of your new, little bag, which sits perfectly on your hip in an un-obtrusive manner (unlike giant shoulder bag that you’re accustomed to).

2. Have to buy new, smaller wallet as existing, cumbersome wallet won’t fit in small bag.

3. No angry stares from fellow tube travellers or pedestrians as you (accidentally) bash them with your giant handbag, because small bag is so, well, small that it can cause no damage to fellow humans.

4. No space for large and useful items like umbrella’s, water bottles, make-up bags, food and random shopping purchases…extra carrier bag needed. May have to spend 5p on plastic bag, or even splash out on a ‘bag for life’, for extra items. As long as your small handbag isn’t disturbed.

5. Forces you to travel light and not pack entire make-up bag. Limited to one lipstick, eyebrow kit, smallest bottle of foundation and a compact mirror. No Naked Palettes or giant bronzer brushes here!

6. Cannot fit perfume bottle in bag. Must either pick up several tester strips from local Debenhams to waft around, or go without. Or if you’re really clever, get a miniature perfume roll on stick.

7. Boyfriend learns to have much more appreciation for your larger handbags. ‘Can I just put my wallet and sunglasses in your bag…oh…I can’t fit my stuff into this one!’ *Horror ensues* 

8. Limited handbag ‘digging’ for lost items that have been marked missing in your bigger handbags since 2009. Small bag is so small that you can find everything in there – no endless scrabbling for keys. Keys probably don’t fit in small bag, anyway.

Bag – Zara

Jacket – Zara

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