Dressing Up Just Because – With Boohoo

I’m not sure how exactly, but Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us once again. The last one feels like yesterday – WHERE is time disappearing to?

But when Boohoo challenged me to style up an item of underwear as outerwear, it really got me thinking about my attitude towards dressing up – and to the whole underwear thing in general.

Naturally this time of year emphasises the mood of love, or lack of it, and OFC pretty lingerie garments are plastered absolutely everywhere. Go on, spend £70 on a bra you’ll probably only ever wear once. If you’re really lucky you could purchase the matching knickers for another £50. How wild and extravagant!

THIS is the time of year where you feel like you really ought to make more effort to swan round in an endless collection of silken Ted Baker robes, with matching Autograph underwear for every occasion. I mean can you ever really imagine Rosie H-W having a Bridget Jones knicker moment?

Meanwhile back in the real world, you realise as you grab at the price tags of these garments, that you can’t possibly have 365 days worth of silken knickers. And I mean for someone who spends a very large amount of time in fluffy dressing gowns…spending £200+ on silken loungewear? I think not. I probably spend the equivalent on fluffy socks, animal-print pyjamas and christmas slippers. (My Xmas reindeers cost a bomb this year. Quite outrageous.)

However, I’ve always quite liked the underwear as outwear look from a distance. You definitely won’t see me walking down the highstreet with a bra over my top. Noo. Nor a Kim K style bodice or corset or, well, anything like that.

But there are more wearable versions of this trend that even boring people like me can wear. The best one has to be pyjama tops (of the silk or satin variety) worn as tops. How useful. And how easy to de-robe at the end of the day, one less item of clothing to change!

And of course, bodies. Which leads me nicely into the outfit I’ve styled up with Boohoo.

I’ve always sat rather happily in the non-skimpy-clothing camp, like the little old granny I really am. What can I say, I get cold easily. But in all seriousness, if you don’t like getting your boobs out, flashing your stomach or wearing hot pants…I see nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with doing either. Whatever you are most comfortable with! But you can definitely still be stylish even if you aren’t showing much skin.

So when it came to my lingerie as outerwear from Boohoo, I chose this black, lace body to wear under a low-cut, satin top in a rather nice burnt orange colour. I’ve always liked a bit of satin and a bit of lace. I then teamed it with a pair of black, embroidered jeans – because obviously jeans had to come into the look somewhere. And voila, I am V-Day ready!

But to be honest I don’t think you ever really need an excuse to dress up, or someone to dress up for – at the end of the day, you should dress to make yourself feel good, in the clothes that make you feel at your best! FYI – my ideal V-day is most definitely spent in, with a few great films and food. Pizza. Pasta. Whatever. I’ve become such a hermit – bring it on.


Body – Boohoo

Blouse – Boohoo

Jeans – Boohoo

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