The Stripes You Need In Your Life

Spring/early Summer means one thing for me (well ok, it means lots of things, like over-indulgence of ice lollies, insisting on eating outdoors even when it’s not quite warm enough and mentally planning all the tropical holidays that I won’t actually take) – but one of the main things? STRIPES!

First hint of sun & that signals the green light for my stripe obsession, something I don’t really obsess over throughout the Winter – but for some reason this time of year makes me want anything and everything stripey.

This red stripe number from ASOS has fast become a go-to for me, even if it is a little bit where’s Wally. Or where’s Holly. HA! Ahem. Anyway. Where last year was mainly the navy stripe…this year, anything goes. As I can’t possibly acquire all the stripes that I’d like, I’ve popped some of my favourites below – the best (in my opinion) of the affordable stripe options this year!


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