2019 – Another New Year

New Year…here we are again! ANOTHER YEAR. And another annual attempt to write something on the beloved blog, which I barely log into anymore, yet can’t quite let go of…violins?

Although, 2019 will be the sixth year of having a blog. Which is hardly anything to write home about now, especially when I had to spend an hour trying to remember my WordPress logins. I don’t even understand how WordPress works?! What is this new, strange editor thing? It took me HOURS to figure out I could just switch back to the old, easy editor. Hmm.

I probably would have deleted the whole thing last year during my desire for full internet anonymity (facebook has gone, everything went on private for a bit.) But then my site auto renewed for a hideous amount of money and I decided to stay. 

So now, my approach is fairly relaxed, I’ll pop in when I fancy and then go back to my other amusements. I’ve also learnt that there are so many areas of life to get fulfilment from. There’s work, and that’s important, but there are also hobbies and interests which can help balance you out and actually make you better at your job and vice versa. My only vague interest used to be this blog, but now I’ve found other things (I may even blog about them haha) that I find are helping me to be a lot more rounded as a person. Ahem. Although nothing will cure my online shopping addiction or love for clothes…

So if you’re reading this and, like me, you feel like you have a bit of a LOVE HATE relationship with the online world, or your losing interest in a blog you once loved, or aren’t sure if it’s your bag now things have evolved so dramatically, then – worry not! Just accept it’s not your priority right now. And that’s not to say it might not be again one day – the BIGGEST thing I learned in 2018 is that it’s ok to change your mind. I change my mind all the time, I am a walking contradiction.

So, stay open minded, and open for possibilities – always. That way nothing is written off, and you don’t have to close the book forever – just put your bookmark in it and close for a while. And as long as you keep paying for your WordPress hosting – you can pick up your blog again whenever you like.

Anyway, over and out for now, lets see what 2019 brings!


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