2019 – Open For Possibilities

Ah, New Year…here we are again! Another year, and another annual attempt to write something on the beloved blog, which I barely log into anymore, yet can’t quite let go of.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get heavy.

Although, 2019 will be the sixth year of having a blog. Which is hardly anything to write home about now, especially when I had to spend an hour trying to remember my WordPress logins. And also because everyone has a blog these days, or some kind of online platform on which to vent their rage, share memes and if you’re really unlucky, share how #blessed they are on a regular basis.

Sigh. One thing is for sure though – blogging definitely isn’t what it was when I first signed up to Blogger in 2013. It was all just a bit of fun, guys and girls whacking up (in my case) pretty questionable outfit photos and just sharing ideas with no real plan.

But now?! We all know the drill, it’s a legitimate career – no more blurry selfies and photos with your bathroom bin in the background – the blog is now an online magazine, and the blogger behind it is a whole brand wrapped in to one. A photographer, writer, marketer, social media whizz, accountant, PR rep and general admin person. You don’t even need a blog these days either – you can be an Instagram start or a Youtuber. But you already know this.

The drawback though? Well, it’s a 24/7 job. There’s little down time from the phone it would seem and it’s a virtual reality that’s so lucrative, but also incredibly all encompassing if you’re taking it seriously. It’s not just an outfit post people want now, it’s someones whole life. The clothes aren’t enough, you’ve got to be sharing WAY more about yourself than perhaps some people are comfortable with. And I think this is where a crowd of old bloggers – including myself – started to fall away from the game when the demands got greater.

Because it’s not for everyone.

I think now, along with dancing on the fine line of honesty when it comes to paid promotions and followers, you have to be prepared to be very honest and open with your audience – people want to know where you bought that coat from (or who paid you to promote it), but they also want to see your home, partner, dog, what you do on a Monday night…and if you aren’t prepared to share your life in that way, then it does set you up with a bit of a barrier to connect with people.

So for the last year or so I haven’t really ben sure where – and if – I fit into this juggernaut. I’m a very private person, even my friends have to pull teeth to get information out of me sometimes. I’m so anti-sharing that even having a blog in the first place, and sharing photos, is bizarre and somewhat unexpected. I suppose I actually started it when you COULD get away with being more anonymous.

Sooo. Sharing my life on the internet? I don’t really want to do it! I love clothes and photography and editing – I LOVE instagram and reading blogs and occasionally ranting on my own – but then I also wonder, what’s the point in putting time and energy into blog posts or even instagram posts, knowing no ones really interested unless you’re giving away the kind of information they want? And at the moment, that’s all I really want to share or feel the need to share. Hence only 5 blog posts in 2018 I think. And not a huge amount of posts on the gram. I’ve deleted facebook because my timeline had turned into a total shit show of nonsense from people I can’t even remember why I’d friended in the first place.

And so, as the online world has rushed forward and taken over the real world for so many of us, I’ve found it’s a pace I can’t keep up with (at least not right now) and have stepped away from much more over the last year. That’s also linked to work, too, as I’ve side-stepped from the creative industries into a totally different kind of role – which after 6 years of being miserable at work – is a HUGE breath of fresh air. 

I have finally stopped battling to fit into work roles that weren’t quite right for me and, totally by accident, stumbled into a job and career path that I’m much better suited to. Joy! And it’s transformed my life. I think this is the first January since entering the workplace in 2013 that I’m not a depressed and anxious wreck at the thought of going back to a job I hate. 

I’ve also learnt that there are so many areas of life to get fulfilment from. There’s work, and that’s important, but there are also hobbies and interests which can help balance you out and actually make you better at your job and vice versa. My only vague interest used to be this blog, but now I’ve found other things (I may even blog about them haha) that I find are helping me to be a lot more rounded as a person. And none of that really needs to be shared online, unless it’s going to help somebody.  

So if you’re reading this and, like me, you feel like you can’t keep up with the online world right now, or your losing interest in a blog you once loved, or aren’t sure if it’s your bag now things have evolved so dramatically, then – please, don’t worry! Just accept it’s not your priority right now. And that’s not to say it might not be again one day – the BIGGEST thing I learned in 2018 is that it’s ok to change your mind. I change my mind all the time, but now I just embrace that and accept that my thoughts and views and opinions are always evolving.

So, stay open minded, and open for possibilities – always. That way nothing is written off, and you don’t have to close the book forever – just put your bookmark in it and close for a while. And as long as you keep paying for your WordPress hosting – you can pick up your blog again whenever you like.

Anyway, over and out for now, lets see what 2019 brings!


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