Pointy Boots On A Budget

Don’t we all want the KG Barbican boot?!

Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway. Without a doubt, my new obsession this year is pointy boots 🙂 Stiletto boots, sock boots…(why do these obsessions suddenly bubble up from nowhere?)

I honestly used to really dislike the kitten heel, and wearing boots with a dress just wasn’t something I did, but now, I think the pointy boot can be one of the best additions to your wardrobe (and the kitten heel is excellent for when old age makes you opt for practicality).

This year for me is all about accessories, I’m going for those simple pieces jazzed up with bags, shoes or jewellery and so, the pointy boot thing has slotted beautifully into my plans. Head to toe black can be instantly glammed up with a pointed boot, in fact, it’s the perfect accessory for adding an instant lift to whatever you’re wearing.

SO no more waffle, below are some of my favourite pointy booties (on a budget) give or take a few pricier ones. The boots in the picture are from Topshop in the sale (yay).


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